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1.I did a swap using a 06 allison 6sp out of a duramax I have it behind a 6.0 Perkins diesel also using the BCM.I have the Tapshift.I have in the truck and running.It shifts in all 6 gears and tapshift works and not sure if T/H works because the lockup will not workusing the duramax TCM MaxPF said I need a 8.1 gasser TCM like here for this setup to work correctly.But I can't locate a 8.1 TCM enyplace Going to the GM dealer to see if they will reflash my diesel TCM.But I would like to know if the controler will work first with the 8.1 TCM
My ? is if the 8.1 TCM dosn't work. Will the lockup contoler work with the 8.1 TCM.
2.Will I beable to just buy a lockup controler and a gear select display for the 6sp I have no display to go by.
I have sent meny emails and have you on speed for the past week in a half.
Any updates?

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