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Top 10 Vehicles You Must Have?

Just about everyone has in mind at least some vehicles they would love to own one day and seeing how a product like the Ranger can attract quite the range of enthusiasts, the responses we get here will be rather interesting. I personally started with a used Cobalt SS, then a BMW 540i M-Sport, Camaro SS, a 2007 F-350 Super Duty (always wanted a dually), Yukon Denali, and now a 2014 Mustang GT. As you can imagine that will be reflected in my Top 10 list below:

1. Porsche 918
2. Tesla Model X
3. 2017 Ford GT
4. Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
5. Lexus LFA
6. Lamborghini Huracan Performante
7. Ford F450 Platinum Super Duty
8. Range Rover Autobiography
9. Mercedes G65 (with 4x4 conversion)
10. Ferrari 488
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