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Govewavan 10-23-2019 09:27 AM

Hi all
Hi community, I'm Glen from North Bergen.
I have a Ford Ranger and the bottom of both doors and the tailgate are starting to show rust. It's on the inside where the door skin is attached to the frame. Would it be very difficult to peel the skin up about 90 degrees to clean it up? I looked closely and I don't see any spot welds on the bottom, just on the sides of the door. I plan on using zero rust on the inside of the door.
I'm thinking it will be difficult to get the skin to fold all the way back down. Will seam sealer with a couple small clamps and plywood get it to stick or should I use the metal bonding adhesive?
The truck is a '98 with factory paint. I plan on painting it but it might be six or more months before I do it. I don't want to let the rust keep eating away until then.

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